Save the Earth



Ben Albee


Since the 1970s and 80s, special interests have gained massive amounts of power over how we interact with the environment. Whether that is the massive avocado industry privatizing water and causing widespread drought in Chile, or Coca Cola having contracts with institutions (universities, malls, theme parks, etc.), driving out small, sustainable vendors, special interests are actively causing climate injustices around the world. 

We have combined our previous Zero Waste and 100% Renewable Energy  campaigns to be combined into one campaign: the Save the Earth Campaign. As our interns and volunteers have varied interests, there will be those who find more interest in zero waste related issues, some who are passionate about renewable energy, and some who would like to focus on saving the bees. Because of this, the interns and volunteers will have lots of freedom in deciding where they want to focus their efforts, as long as it falls under our mission of protecting the earth.

The solution is simply to reduce the power of these special interests. The market exists for smaller businesses who do not exploit workers and the environment to provide us with our necessities. If there are more people willing to advocate for the side of worker and environmental justice, the special interests will lose power, and students will gain power.

We plan to pass statewide legislation on polystyrene and renewable energy.  Further on we want to pass statewide legislation on corporate power.

Our long term goal is to have a Target strategy campaign, with the Connecticut General Assembly and University administration as our targets, but in order to build student support for this, we need to run a semester of Education/ Hearts and Minds. This way, in Spring of 2021 and beyond, there can be more of a culture of educated, engaged activists to make the change in environmental policy our Earth needs.