Public Health

public health



Julia Ward

Leah LePage


The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought a host of new challenges and obstacles that face health care responders, essential workers and citizens in everyday life. In the U.S. alone over 200,000 people have died; globally that number is over 950,000 and rising. Misinformation, political conflict and economic stressors have created barriers to success and have deepened political polarization in our communities. The struggle to maintain physical distance while preserving social connections has made it difficult to safeguard both larger society and our own mental health and well-being. Lastly, while global leaders have made progress against the pandemic since it’s beginnings, the U.S. has largely been kept from moving forward due to political weaponization, cultural division and rampant disinformation.

The primary goal of the Public Health campaign for the fall 2020 semester is therefore prioritizing the use of information for the common good, promoting Covid mitigation and assistance measures while empowering students to be the change in the UConn community. The pandemic has revealed that public health reaches farther than just the scope of our government; we as students need to be active in amplifying the scientific research, safety measures, policies, community solutions and widespread inequities related to this phenomenon. 

Connecticut must maintain a low rate of Covid-infection while also addressing public health issues including housing, financial stability, mental support and general physical health. Covid-19 has created a ripple effect throughout Connecticut’s communities; individuals must have comprehensive, accurate information to preserve public health and safety. Legislators must take action by providing funding to support affected areas and communities must address the negative mental-health effects of isolation while maintaining social distance measures.



  • Educate the public on various aspects of public health; especially those facing college students
  • Respond to the COVID-19 pandemic on-campus and on a state level
  • Plan and execute both virtual and socially distant activities
  • Build the framework for a larger Public Health campaign and message for the future